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Why use EDR’s packaging expertise? Above all, to take advantage of an endless range of bags, solid skills and high-performance turnkey solutions, from preliminary estimates to delivery.


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Contact our team of specialists for advice and prices concerning our range of ready-to-deliver or personalized solutions.

Gamme considérable de sacs personnalisables

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We work around your needs!

Our processes and our costs are adjusted in real time to your specific needs.

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A Wide Array of Options

Do you want 100,000 brown Kraft bags? Perfect. Do you want 597 high-end bags with distinctive handles, golden graphic embossing and highlighted on a satin finish similar to a model that inspires you? No problem either. Here are is a collection of some of our most popular products.
Sacs en polypropylène non-tissé avec lamination matte/lustrée

Nos sacs et produits personnalisés

Petit ou grand, inspirant l’abondance ou la sobriété, chaque sac personnalisé, livré par l’équipe d’EDR, répond d’abord à de hauts standards de qualité, de robustesse et d’écoresponsabilité.

Nos sacs et produits personnalisés

Petit ou grand, inspirant l’abondance ou la sobriété, chaque sac personnalisé, livré par l’équipe d’EDR, répond d’abord à de hauts standards de qualité, de robustesse et d’écoresponsabilité.

Sacs en polypropylène non-tissé avec lamination matte/lustrée

How does EDR have so much Flexibility?


Working with Local Partners

We encourage several local partners in particular to respond to more pressing requests. Again, these suppliers are able to deliver the desired bags at exceptional rates.


All-around Solutions from our Global Partners

We also import bags, thanks to the collaboration of active manufacturers on a global scale. For some models, the discounts are very substantial, especially since in many cases, the products are not available locally.


Our Efforts equal to your Benefit

By taking advantage of our business volume and the flow of transactions with all of these partners, all of whom have to bid to deliver the best service at the best cost, you benefit effortlessly and hassle-free from a global network of preferred suppliers.

Graphic design

Make a Good Impression!

Your bags, in essence, are eye-catching mobile displays from which you will receive maximum benefits. Let us help you make a lasting impression!

Our Design Team is ready to work with you!

Whether it is the acquisition and integration of images (photos, drawings, illustrations, logos, texts), graphic design and editing, or even the creation of custom templates, our team is ready to accompany you.

Already have a Design? No Problem!

You already know what you want and just want to send us your digital file? Excellent. Remember: we are here to work for you and with you!

Bag Prices And Orders

Are you Afraid of Paying too Much?

If so, don’t hesitate to compare, while taking into consideration the nature, quality and durability of the bags of course. In your calculations, also take this into account: our prices are the most competitive, and above all, cover everything. With us, no bad surprises along the way. Everything is included, including:

Ordering Bags

This is what your EDR Invoice will Cover and Certify

In addition to your options detailed above, your invoice will cover all delivery, logistics, administration and operation costs related to import and customs clearance. The same goes for all potential transport costs, whether road, sea, air or rail. No effort, no surprises, no hidden costs. Promised.

Clear invoicing with No hidden costs


Keep your Bags Safe!

Running out of safe storage space for your bags? Once again, the EDR packaging team makes your life easier by taking care of the safety and health aspects of your bags. You will find them as new, at the time that suits you best. A simple call to our after-sales service and you will receive them in no time.

Overstock storage


Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote, without obligation on your part. We will respond quickly and most importantly, we will take the time to understand your needs and ensure you get the best price for the best product.


N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour obtenir une soumission gratuite, sans engagement de votre part. Nous vous répondrons rapidement et surtout, nous prendrons tout le temps nécessaire pour comprendre vos besoins et vous assurer d’obtenir le meilleur prix, pour le meilleur produit.