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Terms and conditions of use

Use of the Site is governed by these Site Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale reproduced below which constitute a contract between you and Edr Packaging Inc. These Terms and Conditions may at any time be amended by Edr Packaging Inc.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the site and / or ordering a product on the site.

By using the site or ordering a product on the site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions and have accepted them. If you do not want to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not use the site or order products through the site.

Edr Packaging Inc. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, effective immediately upon posting on the site, without any liability to you or any other person. If we change the terms, we will post the new terms and conditions on the site. Therefore, you should review the terms and conditions of use each time you use the site or make a purchase. If, at any time, the terms and conditions are no longer acceptable to you, you must immediately stop accessing or using the Site.

1. Modification of the site

1.1 Location of the site

Edr Packaging Inc. operates the site from its offices in Canada. Edr Packaging Inc. makes no representation that elements of the site may be used in places other than Canada and it is forbidden to access the site from the territories where the legislation requires that the content or the use of the site would be illegal. Those who choose to use the site do so on their own initiative and it is their responsibility to comply with all applicable local laws.

1.2 Modification of the site

Edr Packaging Inc. may terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Site, including the availability of any feature, at any time without notice or liability. Edr Packaging Inc. may also add, remove, modify or otherwise change any content on the site or accessible through the site or impose limits on certain features and services or restrict your access to certain or all parts of the site without notice or liability.

1.3 Restrictions on the use of the site

You may only use the site in accordance with these terms and conditions. Unless otherwise specified in any section of the Site, no element of the Site may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, posted or transmitted in any way without prior written permission of Edr Packaging Inc. You may display or download the elements of the site, but only for non-commercial purposes and as long as you do not modify these elements and you retain all the notices of intellectual property they contain.

1.4 Intellectual property

1.4.1 Trademarks. The names, words, titles, phrases, logos, designs, graphic icons and trademarks used or displayed on the site, on the products or on any of the elements included in or with the products, may represent trademarks or other intellectual property, whether registered or not, of L’Emballage Edr Inc. of its related companies or third parties.

1.4.2 Content. All content posted on the site, on the products, including, in particular, all photographs, illustrations, designs, trademarks, images and texts is the exclusive property of L’Emballage Edr Inc., its affiliated companies or third parties and is protected by Canadian and / or international copyright laws. We grant you a limited license for consultation purposes for your personal and non-commercial use only, provided that you keep intact all credits and notices relating to copyright and proprietary rights. Unless expressly provided otherwise in the Terms and Conditions, no other use of the Content is permitted.

1.4.3 No right. Nothing appearing on the site, on the products or elsewhere will be considered, directly or indirectly, as granting you (or granting to anyone) a license, right, title or interest in the trademarks or any other property intellectual property and the trademarks and other intellectual property will remain the exclusive property of L’Emballage Edr Inc.

1.4.4 Prohibition. You may not copy, reproduce, use, distribute or transmit, in whole or in part, the trademarks, content or any other intellectual property included on the Site, in or with the Product or the elements therein included, without our prior written consent. Any unauthorized act could expose you to liability litigation and / or criminal prosecution.

1.5 Links to other sites

The site contains links to websites operated by other companies. By clicking on these links, you are leaving the L’Emballage Edr Inc. site. L’Emballage edr Inc. has not developed, verified the accuracy or revised the data contained on these sites. L’Emballage Edr Inc. has no control over the operation of these websites and the fact that they are listed on the website Edr Packaging Inc. does not in any way engage the responsibility for Edr Packaging. Inc. in particular as to their content, the products / services provided or any damage or loss they may cause to you.

1.6 Information provided by users

You acknowledge, as a user of the site, that all the elements, information and opinions that you may transmit to Edr Packaging Inc. in any manner whatsoever will be transferred to Edr Packaging Inc. and will become its whole and exclusive property and you waive any moral rights in relation to this information. Emballage Edr Inc. informs you that it may, without compensation for you, use, reproduce, publish, license, distribute, disclose and transmit in any way and to anyone, the information you have transmitted to Emballage Edr Inc You are also prohibited from forwarding to Emballage Edr Inc. any information that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene or contrary to any applicable law. By forwarding to Edr Packaging Inc. information, you represent to Emballage Edr Inc. that you have all rights in them, whatever they may be, including intellectual property rights. You assume the responsibility and agree to indemnify, protect and harm unscathed and covered Edr Packaging Inc., directors, shareholders, agents, representatives and respective employees from any liability, obligation, loss, damage, penalty, claim, action, prosecution, costs, expenses and disbursements (including legal expenses) in connection with or resulting from your use of the site and the information you have provided. Emballage Edr Inc. reserves the right not to publish or remove any item you have sent to Emballage Edr Inc. in its sole discretion for any reason.


2.1 Canadian site

When you shop at Edr Packaging Inc., you must pay in Canadian currency.

2.2 Creating an account

You have the opportunity via the home page to proceed to the creation of a user account for the Emballage Inc. website. The creation of an account makes it possible to speed up the ordering process. In fact, your personal information such as last name, first name, billing address and delivery address are saved securely, so you do not have to provide them every time you place an order. In addition, by creating an account, you have access to the history of your transactions and the status of your order, all in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy. At any time, you can close your account. You must first login and then click on the “Close an account” button. You will lose access to the history of your orders. You will also need to enter your delivery and billing address each time you order.

2.3 Prices

2.3.1 Amount. The price payable for each product you order is the one appearing next to the product offered on the site. All prices on the site are in Canadian dollars.

2.3.2 Transport costs. Delivery charges and applicable taxes are extra (unless we indicate that the shipping is included) and appear on the screen before confirming your order.

2.3.3 Sales taxes. Applicable sales taxes are extra and appear on the screen before confirming your order.

2.3.4 Modification of the price. Emballage Edr Inc. reserves the right to modify at any time the price of products offered on the site, without notice.

2.4 Exchange and Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with one of our products (not personalized), you can return it for an exchange or a refund.

2.4.1 Exchange. We agree to exchange Edr Packaging Inc. products (non-personalized) at any time until the expiry of the 30th day following receipt.

2.4.2 Refund. We will refund any product of Edr Packaging Inc. (original packaging) within 15 days of the date of delivery of the item.

2.4.2 Address. The return address is: Transport Transtar ‘

205 Avro Ave, Pointe-Claire, QC Canada, H9R 6A9

2.4.3 Supporting documents. Returned products must be accompanied by the invoice and the order number. Subject to the foregoing (see article 2.5.1 above), you have no justification to provide Transport Transtar, nor any penalty to pay.

2.5.4 Delivery costs. You are responsible for delivery charges and risk for returned products (unless Edr Packaging Inc. has not delivered the goods you ordered or delivered defective products to you, in which case Edr Packaging Inc. will pay the cost of the returned products. of transport and risks, to the extent that you return the products through a transport company that guarantees the risks of loss and damage).

2.5.5 Credit. Upon receipt of the returned products, any amount debited from your account in favor of Edr Packaging Inc. in respect of these products, except delivery charges, will be credited as soon as possible, provided, however, that the products subject The return has been returned by you and received by Transtar ‘transport. in accordance with Article 2.5.1 above and in the same condition as they were when they were delivered to you.

2.6 Availability of products

2.6.1 Inventory. Edr Packaging Inc. does not guarantee in any case the availability in inventory of the products offered on the site. If Emballage Edr Inc. can not deliver to you any of the products you have ordered due to a lack of inventory, Edr Packaging Inc. will reimburse you for the amount charged.

2.6.2 Damage. Edr Packaging Inc. will not be responsible for any damage you may suffer due to insufficient inventory.

2.7 Delivery of products

2.7.1 Place of delivery. Emballage Edr Inc. delivers throughout Canada and the United States, with the exception of the state of Alaska, Puerto Rico and the state of Hawaii. No deliveries are made outside of Canada and the United States.

2.7.2 Address. Emballage Edr Inc. will deliver the products ordered by you to the address you sent when ordering. No delivery will be made to a post office box.

2.7.3 Delivery costs. The shipping costs vary according to the order (weight, volume, destination and delivery time) and appear on the screen before confirming your order.

2.7.4 Delivery time. Edr Packaging Inc. will endeavor to make the delivery as soon as possible after the acceptance of your order according to the method of delivery which you will have chosen on the site. The delivery time and costs will vary depending on the destination of the shipment, the method of delivery chosen and the availability of products in inventory. The delivery time is evaluated from the moment the products leave the place of business of Emballage Edr Inc.

Indicative delivery time

Canada (Quebec and Ontario) 4-7 business days

Canada (Maritimes) 5-7 business days

Canada (Western Provinces) 7-10 business days

Canada (Territories) 10-20 business days

United States 8-12 business days

2.7.5 Carrier. The delivery of the goods is subject to the rules of the shipping companies with which Emballage Edr Inc. does business, in this case, at the moment, Trans-Canada / UPS for Canada, and FedEx / UPS for the United States, as well as the rules of another company with which Emballage Edr Inc. may do business from time to time. In particular, you are subject to the rules concerning the signing of an acknowledgment of receipt of the products.

2.7.6 Transfer of title. You will become the owner of the products you ordered when they are delivered by Emballage Edr Inc. to the delivery company. From that moment, you will be responsible for the risks and Edr Packaging Inc. will not be liable for any loss, destruction or damage.

2.7.7 Full payment. Emballage Inc. must have received full payment for the products delivered to you within 30 days after receiving their delivery.


The following provisions apply both to the use of the website (see Article 1) and to product orders (see Article 2).

3.1 Disclaimer

The site and the elements it contain are provided as is in the state, without any representation, warranty or condition, implicit or explicit. Subject to any applicable law to the contrary, Edr Packaging Inc. disclaims any and all warranties, representations, warranties or conditions, including warranties of merchantability, durability, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or of non-infringement. Furthermore, Emballage Edr Inc. makes no representations, warranties or conditions as to the use, validity, accuracy or reliability of the materials reproduced on the site or the results resulting from the use of such materials or materials. the fact that the site and its contents are offered without interruption or that they will be error-free (although Emballage Edr Inc. does everything possible so that the site does not contain any error), that the errors / faults on the site will be corrected or that the site or server hosting the site does not contain a virus.

3.2 Limitation of liability

3.2.1 Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this section 3.2 shall have the effect of limiting any right you may have as a consumer under any of the public policy laws

3.2.2 (including consumer protection laws) that may apply to you.

3.3 Force majeure

Edr Packaging Inc. will not be liable for the non-performance, in whole or in part, of any of its obligations to you, or any damages or losses you may incur, if the breach, damage or loss result from a circumstance beyond his control.

3.4 Applicable law and territorial jurisdiction

Applicable law and territorial jurisdiction the terms and conditions are governed in all respects by the law in force in the Province of Quebec, Canada and any claim relating to the site, its content or its use is governed by the laws applicable in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The application of any rule of private international law or conflict of laws rules that might entail the application of another law, as well as the United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods, is expressly excluded.

3.5 Miscellaneous

The terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between Emballage Edr Inc. and you as to the subject matter of this agreement. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions or their implementation is declared invalid by any statute, rule or law, such provisions will be severed from the Terms of Use and the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions will not be affected.