Why are tote bags so popular?

Les totes bags

They are everywhere: at the grocery store, in fashion stores, in souvenir shops; tote bags have become essential accessories in the daily lives of many people. Their popularity has exploded in recent years, but why have these bags gained such enthusiasm? What motivates so many consumers to use tote bags for shopping?   The Eco-Friendly […]

2023 Trends in packaging bags

Les tendances en matière de sacs d'emballage

In business, it’s important to consider every small detail that could enhance the customer experience. So, it’s no secret that packaging plays a significant role in how your clientele perceives your brand! What are the marketing trends for packaging bags in 2023? Sustainable packaging Consumers are increasingly asking companies to be transparent and adopt eco-friendly […]

Advantages of Using Reusable Bags

Are you hesitating to transition to reusable bags in your business? This step offers numerous advantages, both for your business and for your customers and the environment! Why use reusable bags? 1.It’s an Eco-Friendly Solution Did you know that it takes just one second to produce a plastic bag, its average usage time is about […]