Types of bakery bags

Sacs de boulangerie

When you think of a bakery, the inviting smell of freshly baked bread and pastries immediately comes to mind. But there’s more to the bakery and food counter experience than just taste. Bakery paper bags play a crucial role in the visual presentation and protection of sensitive products. From crunchy bread to chocolate cakes, let’s […]

How to choose your custom bag supplier?

Sacs personnalisés

When you own a company that sells products, it’s crucial to consider every small detail that could enhance your customers’ shopping experience. In recent times, personalized bags have become increasingly popular as versatile accessories for businesses, events, and individuals. Whether you want to promote your brand, commemorate a special event, or just convey a message, […]

What are the qualities of good packaging?

Bon emballage

Packaging is much more than just protection for products; it’s a real opportunity to stand out in a competitive market. Well-designed packaging can engage consumers, reinforce brand image and contribute to a memorable shopping experience. To help you make the right choice, discover the essential qualities that define good packaging! Reliability and durability Exceptional packaging […]

Why Choose Kraft Paper Bags?

Did you know that the word “Kraft” means “strength” and “resilient” in German? These are the qualities that the inventor wanted to emphasize when creating this highly popular bag. Composition Kraft paper bags have the advantage of being biodegradable, recyclable, and made without harmful solvents. You can also personalize them. They are made from a […]

2023 Trends in packaging bags

Les tendances en matière de sacs d'emballage

In business, it’s important to consider every small detail that could enhance the customer experience. So, it’s no secret that packaging plays a significant role in how your clientele perceives your brand! What are the marketing trends for packaging bags in 2023? Sustainable packaging Consumers are increasingly asking companies to be transparent and adopt eco-friendly […]

Packaging and Bag Laws

Les lois sur les emballages

Packaging and bags are commonly used products in our daily lives, and they are currently receiving increased attention from governments. In Canada and Quebec, there are several serious regulations regarding packaging to regulate their use and encourage the use of raw or compostable materials. Have you heard about these packaging laws? How can Quebec’s Bill […]

How to choose the right packaging for your product?

Comment choisir le bon emballage pour vos produits

Are you tirelessly flipping through catalogs and browsing various websites to find the perfect packaging for your product? It’s understandable; packaging is a vital element of your brand image! But how do you choose the right packaging for your product? What criteria should be considered when choosing the container? Criteria to consider Packaging is crucial […]

Our eco-friendly packaging solutions

The world of packaging is partially responsible for the waste that has a significant impact on the environment and the planet. Indeed, “between 5 and 12 million tons of plastic flow into our oceans every year.” (Ecolopharm, 2023) That’s why EDR Packaging wants to be part of the solution by offering a range of eco-friendly […]