Deli bags

Deli bags: Deli bag (11 x 9), Deli bag (10 x 8)
Product Code Usage Dimensions Material Print Type Thickness (ml) Bags / Box Quantity in Palette Availability Add to quote
Bag for broccoli (11 x 14) A DR-B EDR01 Bags for brocoli 11x14.25+4 CPP Transparent 1.2 1000 92 Available Contact Us
Bag for lettuce A DR-L EDR01 Bags for lettuce 5x12,5+1,38 LLDPE Transparent 1.25 2000 92 Available Contact Us
Deli bag (10 x 8) A DELI06 LLDPE Deli bags 10x8 LLDPE Transparent 1.25 1000 96 Available Contact Us
Deli bag (11 x 9) A DELI04 HDPE Deli bags 11x9 HDPE Printed 0.6 2000 96 Available Contact Us
Prices are subject to change depending on the quantity ordered.