Specialty Bags & More

Specialty Bags & More:

Garment Bag


Convenient for the transportation and cleaning of clothing, covers are also used in big box stores (clothing stores) as packaging solutions to replace traditional bags. Here too, the case is in the bag!..

Isothermal Medical Transport Bag


Ideal for the transport of temperature-sensitive medicines, these bags are isothermal and efficient. They are safe and suitable for transporting pharmaceuticals such as drugs...

Liquids Bag



Polyester Bag


Reusable polyester bags allow the use of screen printing or embroidery.Extremely strong braided materialSoft and sweetHigh end and durable..

Wine and Beer Bag


Reusable bags for wine, beer and spirits are a great way to transport precious liquids in peace. Health!ReusablecustomizableLarge selection of manufacturing materialsPossibility of being isolated (isothermal)..

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