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Our Products

Bag for broccoli (11 x 14)


Bag for broccoli (11 x 14)..

Bag for lettuce (5x12,5+1,38)


Bag for lettuce (5x12,5+1,38)..

Coffee Bag


Often used for coffee packs in single servings, the cushion bag is the simplest and most economical solution on the market. On the shelves, this type of sachet is deposited flat. More visible, so more attractive...

Coffee Bag 4 Corner Closing


The sealed four-sided bag is very popular in the coffee sector. With its visible side seams, the bag maintains its vertical position while attracting attention by its flexible appearance. This model of coffee bag retains its shape very well and can c..

Cotton Bag


These lightweight tote bags are made of 100% natural cotton and include a handle made of clean material. They come in a variety of colors and are ideal for carrying errands or various objects of everyday life.Soft material that breathes wellMade of r..

Deli bag (11 x 9)


Deli bag (11 x 9)..

Garment Bag


Convenient for the transportation and cleaning of clothing, covers are also used in big box stores (clothing stores) as packaging solutions to replace traditional bags. Here too, the case is in the bag!..

Isothermal Medical Transport Bag


Ideal for the transport of temperature-sensitive medicines, these bags are isothermal and efficient. They are safe and suitable for transporting pharmaceuticals such as drugs...

Jute Bag


Reusable jute bags are made from a natural fiber with a strong, rigid texture, giving them a unique look. These canvas bags absorb moisture, oil and grease, while letting the air through.Several custom models availableEcological choiceBiodegradable f..

Kraft Paper Bag (EDCN-12711)


Kraft Paper Bag (EDCN-12711)..

Laminated-luster fabric bag


Reusable Polypropylene Printed Laminated Bags offer the ability to print a wide range of designs and colors, including high resolution images and photos. Ideal for promoting your brand, this rigid material, generally lighter than cotton, also has a l..

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