Why are tote bags so popular?

Les totes bags

They are everywhere: at the grocery store, in fashion stores, in souvenir shops; tote bags have become essential accessories in the daily lives of many people. Their popularity has exploded in recent years, but why have these bags gained such enthusiasm? What motivates so many consumers to use tote bags for shopping?   The Eco-Friendly […]

Maintaining your packaging bags for a longer lifespan

Entretenir vos sacs d'emballage pour 
une durée de vie plus longue

Do your customers find that their bags don’t last long enough? It might be because they’re not maintaining their reusable bags the right way! To avoid having to discard them prematurely, share our expert tips on how to care for your packaging bags for a longer lifespan. Why Maintain Your Packaging Bags? There are several […]

Customize your packaging bags to enhance your marketing

We touched on this topic in one of our previous articles: offering your customers personalized reusable bags creates an additional communication tool to increase the visibility of your brand. It’s a marketing strategy that will benefit your business in the long run! A marketing tool This promotional tool has a long-term effect, directly and subconsciously […]

Advantages of Using Reusable Bags

Are you hesitating to transition to reusable bags in your business? This step offers numerous advantages, both for your business and for your customers and the environment! Why use reusable bags? 1.It’s an Eco-Friendly Solution Did you know that it takes just one second to produce a plastic bag, its average usage time is about […]